CBG Flower Palm Leaf Cigars 4 gm. Box of 10



Organic and smooth

box of ten for $200.

100% KNIGHT CBG hemp. These cigars weigh 4 grams each.

This Incredible batch of Knight CBG flower has is by far the best CBG strain of this season.  

  •  No additives, Non-GMO, and no pesticides
  •  Federal Farm Bill Compliant, Delta-9 THC less than 0.3%
  •  Hand trimmed and slow cured for 60 days

Organically grown in Southern California, then carefully cured and hand trimmed, this strain’s buds consist of high concentrations of tri homes. The hemp flower contains the highest concentration of trichomes — hair-like resin glands that house the cannabinoids and terpenes.

This product has no Tobacco!


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