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CBDA Hemp Powder Capsules

CBDA Hemp Powder Capsules

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No, CBDA is not a typo (the “a” stands for acid). CBD and CBDA develop at different times in the plant. CBDA develops first, in the live leaves (like the ones we pick on our own farms in San Diego CA) CBDA “converts” into CBD if is dried or heated.


How do you get CBDA?

You can ONLY get CBDA from fresh hemp leaves. Until now, it’s been difficult to stabilize and use CBDA in products, because it so easily converts to CBD, in any kind of processing. That’s why most Companies (the whole industry, really) uses CBD instead, because they can/do use equipment and ‘extraction’ technology that already existed in other industries. Our proprietary processes not only stabilizes the CBDA, but consistently retains what is now the highest + most bioavailable amount of CBDA per Serving, of any hemp product on the market.


What’s the main difference with CBD and CBDA?

Because CBDA comes from fresh hemp leaves in its raw form, science has revealed that it is/has:

  • 20X more bioavailable than CBD extracts

  • 100x the affinity for the 5HT-1A (Serotonin) receptor

  • Water soluble

That means, you can take less and get more powerful and potent support.


Why take raw CBDA vs. CBD isolate + extracts?

You would have to take 500-600 grams of CBD isolate, to get the benefits of our suggested daily one gram serving. PLUS, you get the benefits of hemp’s superfood nutrition. Isolate is highly processed and CBD is also chemically processed and both methods eliminate the nutritional component. In addition CBD from oil-based extraction, limits the water solubility and bioavailability.


How does CBDA work in your body?

Both CBD and CBDA work in your Your endocannabinoid system (ECS), a recently discovered “transmitter” system that “talks to” or relays messages between most all of your other systems to keep everything in balance (i.e.: homeostasis.) Your ECS is powered by…guess what? endocannabinoids that exist in your body + by phytocannabinoids — like CBDA from hemp. Because of CBDA’s higher bioavailability, and better affinity for the 5HT1A (Serotonin) receptor—it’s the better choice to get the most benefit, from adding hemp to your wellness routine.


Does CBDA get you ‘high’?

Nope. Legal hemp must have 0.3% or lower amount of THC. 


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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